I ristoranti della Riviera del Brenta


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If you want a typical wine and dine experience, celebrate a special occasion or simply treat yourself to a mouthwatering Venetian night, here is what you need…

overnight accommodation and breakfast at the Hotel Villa Gasparini
Venetian cuisine tasting dinner at a traditional restaurant

Price for couple 150,00


As soon as you enter any of the many, renowned restaurants of the Riviera del Brenta, you will be welcomed by the warm and friendly atmosphere of the gastronomic tradition of La Serenissima.
18th century Venetian nobles were real pleasure-seekers who knew very well how to enjoy life at its full by treating themselves to fine meals and wines.
Along the Riviera you can have a taste of such delicious tradition and savour the flavour of Venetian cuisine and its fish recipes.
Here are some suggestions on not-to-be-missed dishes: from fried moeche (moulting crabs) to the delicious boiled spider-crabs, from black cuttlefish (a few drops of cuttlefish ink are added to get the typical black colour) to schie con la polentina (small fried shrimps served with polenta).
If you are lucky enough to have it on the menu, don’t hesitate and try baccalà (stockfish) and saor (vinegar-soaked onion with raisins and pine seeds), which usually comes with fried sardines, prawns or jumbo shrimps.
But the Venetian inland area, so rich in fields and farms, offers excellent cuisine too.
A wide range of meat dishes is available, from pork and chicken to capon and rabbit, all duly spiced and cooked according to strictly traditional recipes.
For example, offal is served specially treated and cooked following farmers’ old recipes and saying that nothing can be left out. Venetian-style liver is the best example: figaea venessiana needs seasoning and cooking on a bed of onions.
Moreover, in any season the genuine taste of locally sourced fresh vegetables adds to the main courses.
Among the numerous local wines, prosecco (sparkling white wine best served chilled) is by far the most popular.