Tours in bicicletta



Riding along the Riviera del Brenta is a nice/cultural way to discover its natural beauty and visit its ancient villas.

Turning your holiday into a culturally significant experience is easy in the Riviera del Brenta: riding a bike is the best way to see the countryside and enjoy the view of the great Venetian art of the villas and their parks.
A most instructive way to keep fit!
Many routes wind their way along the river and the fields: we have chosen two not too challenging and absolutely pleasing itineraries for you. We hope you will enjoy yourselves!

West route (about 14 km)
Start from the Hotel Villa Gasparini.
Turn right into Riviera Martiri della Libert cross over the river by taking the first bridge on the left and follow directions to Chioggia. The tour starts from via Brenta Bassa, on the right. The road is quite narrow and surrounded by the countryside, fields, vineyards and gardens. Keep riding on the main road until you see Villa Angeli-Ferretti on the right: we suggest you take a walk from the park to the river, where its best fa軋de can be seen. Get on your bike again and enjoy the view of the Venetian inland: roses, geraniums and bluebells brighten up gardens and terraces.
After a while Dolo bell tower can be seen standing out against the sky and, having left behind fields and gardens, also the river can be seen again. At the traffic lights at the end of the street go straight on and take Via S.Giacomo, which takes you to Paluello. At the traffic lights turn right into via Piove. Leaving the countryside for a while you ride along the strada statale (dual-carriageway) towards Padua. On your way is the small village of Fiesso d’artico and further, on the left across the river, stands Villa Pisani detta la Barbariga. After 3 kilometres, on the right there is the other Villa Pisani, the Nazionale. Take the narrow street that runs along the green meadows and enjoy a break in the shade of the age-old trees that tower over the villa walls. The ancient building is definitely worth a visit.
If you are not too tired you can keep on riding a bit further towards Padua, on the way take a look at Villa Foscarini Rossi on the right and then turn left at the traffic lights as far as S.Pietro di Str The town hosts a lovely Footwear Museum. Once you have crossed the bridge, you are on the return route to the hotel, which may seem a bit longer than the first half of your ride. Surrounded by sweet-smelling lindens follow the route along the river and its bright, sun-kissed nuances of green.
After a short ride you can catch another glimpse of the most secret, beautiful part of Villa Pisani detta la Barbariga, peeping through the magnificent gates of its wonderful gardens.
At the traffic lights you find yourself riding along a part of the outward route, leave via Giovanni XXIII behind you and turn into via Dolo, then via Argine sinistro and via Argine up to the hotel.

East route (about 17 kilometres)
Start from the Hotel Villa Gasparini.
Turn right into Riviera Martiri della Libert cross over the river by taking the first bridge on the left and follow directions to Chioggia. The tour starts from via E.Tito, on the left. Ride along the river and through the small towns of Dolo, Mira e Oriago: the genuine spirit of the Venetian inland, its noble soul with the villas, the rural one, and the one linked to the water world.
To the right there is Villa Badoer Fattoretto, a private villa hosting an exhibition of ancient rural tools. Next to it are splendidly preserved Villa Tito and Villa Velluti, Villa Brusoni Scalella and Villa Selvatico Granata. Ride past Mira and have a look at Villa Badoer and Villa Corner. Take the first bridge on the right and ride along the Brenta river, up to the strada statale SS11 (dual-carriageway).
At Villa Widmann and Valmarana turn right into via Riscossa. Cross over the wooden bridge and take via Valmarana on the left (the main narrow road, not the dirt one). At the end of the road turn left towards Forte Tron and ride as far as the river. Then turn right into via Lago di Candia and ride across fields, vineyards and gardens. At the end of the road, on the right, keep riding along the Seriola stream. At the roundabout go straight on (the flyover is on the right), take the first bridge crossing the river and turn left into the main road. On your way back you can see the villas Contarini, Levi Morenos (its wonderful park is open to visitors), Alessandri, Venier and Nani Mocenigo (now a restaurant).

Have fun and keep fit while riding across the Venetian inland and past its villas.

Our special package:
overnight accommodation and breakfast for 2 at the Hotel Villa Gasparini
1-day bike hire for 2 people
tour maps describing the above mentioned routes
2 bottles of water
Jacuzzi hydromassage relaxing bath

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