Villa Gasparini, Christmas tree

Villa Gasparini, Christmas tree

Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2014 in Venice is something extraordinary.

Venice shines like never before, there is the possibility of going into various local eating all types af starters, and walking around the city admiring not only the buildings but also the projections and the play of light on them. Not to mention the Christmas decorations that embellish the city…
What do you say, have I a little intrigued you?
So come with me, I will talk you about Hotel Villa Gasparini’s program for December, 31 2014.

Angels' bell

Angels’ bell

First of all, be prepared to spend the New Year’s Eve with elegance, since your arrival in the Riviera del Brenta, which is an area famous for its high concentration of Venetian villas. Villa Gasparini is one of them, an elegant building of 1700 renovated in such a way that we can bring the utmost comfort. Not a bad premise, right?
Do not worry though, once we arrived at our hotel, you will not see gondolas and motor boats . We are near Venice, which you can reach through our shuttle service: a driver will take you to Fusina , from where a boat at 19:00 e 20:00 . Destination? Venice!
And believe me when I say that the view of the buildings of the Giudecca lit by Christmas lights is breathtaking!
And if you still are not convinced, you will see that once landed will change your mind. In fact, there will also be a chance to hear good music in St. Mark’s Square thanks to a DJ, who will also direct the choral count down .

Finally, at 1 .30, by the same arrival pier, the boat will take you back to Fusina and then the shuttle service back home.

New Yer's eve in Venice

New Yer’s eve in Venice

This possibility will be offered at reasonable prices :

 - Private shuttle service, round trip
( Hotel – Terminal Fusina and vice versa) € 15,00 per person

 - Shuttle boat, round trip, no shuttle service
(Terminal Fusina – Venice and vice versa) € 13,00 per person

In addition, the Hotel Villa Gasparini has a great offer for you: a two-night stay, also including shuttle service and shuttle boat to Venice from 256 €.

So, have you not booked yet?