Carnevale di Venezia 2013


Vivi i colori – Live in colour

January 26th – February 12th

Here’s another edition of the Carnival of Venice which will leave visitors astounded.
The Carnival will transform and colour the city for three weeks, with masks, dances, music, traditional Venetian frittelle – typical sweet treats of the Carnival season – and many, many colours.
This traditional Venetian event, liberating and pleasure-loving, returns with a rich programme, available on the official


The Carnival of Venice 2013 edition is dedicated to colour, and the numerous and colourful masks will remind us of the power and the joy enclosed in its every nuance.

We at Villa Gasparini have decided to dedicate our offer for this coming up Carnival to the same theme: colours. The offer is tailored to fit all of our guests’ needs.

Carnival of Venice 2013 Package

Celebrate the colours of the Venetian Carnival!

3 days and 2 nights
€ 109.00 pp
The package includes:

2 nights in classic golden yellow room

1 red Italian Spritz welcome cocktail

1 Venetian pink mask to wear to the Carnival of Venice

1 Venetian green mask to wear to the Carnival of Venice

2 brown-coloured frittelle, prepared according to the traditional recipe of the most renowned pastry

shop on the Riviera del Brenta.