Festa del Redentore 2012 a Venezia

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2012

The Festa del Redentore is one of the most celebrated events in Venice.

It is the celebration of the end of the pestilence in 1577; venetian people commemorate that according to the most rigorous tradition, where religious and profane aspects go together.

A bridge of boats is mounted and people can reach on foot, on pilgrimage, the Chiesa della Giudecca, built in vow at the end of the terrible pestilence.

As tradition at the sunset the boats, decorated with branches and coloured lit up Chinese lanterns, reach Bacino San Marco and the Canale della Giudecca.

On the boat you consume the dishes, that are prepared following the tradition of venetian cooking, expecially fish products as sarde in saor (fried pilchards pickled with onion, vinegar and pine kernels), folpeti (boiled octopusses with salad) and many others.

Waiting for the fireworks display, that starts at 11.30 pm and lasts well into the night, you have dinner, then you can sing and dance with the company.

It is typical to dive by night after having spent many hours eating, but also drining the typical prosecco.

There are also thousands of visitors who take part to the Festa del Redentore, admiring in the background the unforgettable beauty of Bacino San Marco, that lit up with the warm light of the sunset, giving a suggestive spectacle.


Festa del Redentore 2012 by boat
Saturday 14th July 2012

Spend the Festa del Redentore in the most typically venetian way: on the boat in Bacino San Marco in the open sky, waiting for the wonderful fireworks display.

Buffet or gala dinner served on boat: you can even choose what you prefer.

Departure from Tronchetto at 5.00 pm and arrival to Bacino San Marco at 8.00 pm, dinner and live music. Return at 2.00 am.
Reserve one of the last available rooms and the party on boat!

Price including buffet dinner for two people and room € 299,00

Price including gala dinner for two people and room € 439,00

Prezzo con cena di gala a coppia comprensivo di pernottamento Euro 439,00