Boutique Hotel near Venice

Hotel Villa Gasparini is in the centre of Riviera del Brenta, halfway both from Venice and Padua. Because of its position, it’s an excellent base for visiting the nearby art cities: you can reach them easily by public transport.



Padua is also just a few minutes by bus from the Hotel Villa Gasparini, the last stop’s Piazzale Boschetti, the terminal of Padua: from here it takes ten minutes by foot to the city centre.

Padua is a city of erudite men, it has a long historical university tradition and its places are full of young students.
It’s also the city of Giotto, whose works are at the Scrovegni Chapel, and of Saint Anthony’s basilica, where are kept the famous saint’s remains: this building has become the destination of thousands of pilgrims from around the world.
The Hotel Villa Gasparini represents an ideal base for visiting Venice and Padua, but not only.
In fact the villa is also convenient to reach the Venice Lido, for a summer break at the beach, to get to the Euganean Thermal Baths or the hilly surroundings of Padua with their walled towns of Monselice, Este and Montagnana.
From the hotel it also takes just a few minutes to: Vicenza and Palladio’s works; Verona, Juliet, Romeo and the Arena’s opera; Treviso and its famous hills with their several taverns with patio, where during the summer you can have lunch or dinner with grilled meat and red wine.



Venice, the most romantic city in the world and lies a few minutes from Hotel Villa Gasparini.
You can easily get to the city by bus: it drives you directly from the hotel to Piazzale Roma, the old town centre terminal.
Trips are frequent, until midnight during the winter and over in the warm summer evenings, when it’s nice to enjoy the evening breeze while walking (and sometimes losing) in Venice “calles” and squares.
From Piazzale Roma then you’ll be immersed in something unique and magical, a place where streets are made of water and cars are replaced by boats.
Going towards the Canal Grande you’ll find lots of water bus stops: these special buses will guide you to Piazza San Marco through the Canal Grande, or to the isles: Murano, Burano and Torcello.
A few kilometres from the Hotel Villa Gasparini there’s also the Terminal Fusina, a pleasant place where the river Brenta flows into the lagoon of Venice.
The salty air and the beautiful, though short, walk along the lagoon, is an enjoyable anticipation of the city you’re going to visit.
At Terminal Fusina parking is easy and also cheap: no traffic jams will spoil your day!

The boats’ departures timetable is available at the reception and the ticket costs as much as a public service one.
But only tickets can be defined public, because crossing the lagoon and getting to Venice through the Canale della Giudecca sounds like a private tour, something special and unique.
You’ll get to San Marco (more precisely to Zattere) by boat in just 20 minutes.
In summer the last return boat is at 22.30, a late night sight you won’t forget easily.

Venice is a romantic and melancholic city in its less touristic quarters (Cannaregio and Castello), lively and “boisterous” at its markets (the most famous is the fish market of Rialto), exclusive and elegant in Piazza San Marco with its luxury shops near Mercerie.

Venice it’s always as ever unique.