L'Hotel Villa Gasparini – albergo vicino a Venezia

Means of transport to the old City Centre

Hotel Villa Gasparini is situated in a very strategic position : in Dolo, a town near to Venice, in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta.
Thanks to this particularly favourable position, you can use your own means of transport or choose the public transport to reach the city. The Venetian householders will be happy to give you some useful suggestions during your stay.

By car
Those people who prefer to use their car will be provided with the indications to a practical parking area, not very visible and known, but almost in Venice, at the foot of the ponte della libertà : it costs 4 Euros per day. From there you can take a public bus : it costs 1 euro each person, passes every minute and its next stop is Piazzale Roma – Venice!
A map showing its exact location is available at the hotel.

By bus
For those who don’t feel like using their car on their holidays there is a bus stop is in front of the villa. The Bus line is Venice and Padua with buses running until after midnight : for less than 6 Euros you can buy a return ticket!
Bus timetable and Venice map are at your disposal in the hotel.

By boat
For those who would prefer to have the experience of ploughing through the lagoon of Venice by motor ship, it takes just 20 minutes to the old City centre: you’ll enjoy a unique experience.
Only 12,00 Euros there and back to Venice, a low cost excursion! The departure’s from Fusina, just few kilometres from Villa Gasparini : arrival at S.Marco. Parking discounts are at your disposal in the hotel: 4,00 Euros per day instead of 8,00; timetable and map are also at your disposal