Il Burchiello e la Crociera fluviale lungo il Brenta


“…Musa, cantiam del padovan Burchiello
La deliziosa, comoda vettura,
In cui per Brenta viaggiasi bel bello,
Dal gel difesi e dall’estiva arsura.
Amistà si contrae con questo e quello,
E alla curiosità si dà pastura;
Passasi con placer di loco in loco,
E per lungo cammin si spende poco…” Carlo Goldoni (da Il Burchiello di Padova)
[...Sing oh Muse, of Padua's Burchiello / the charming and pleasant transport / that makes cruising the Brenta so delightful / well-protected from both winter cold and summer heat. / Friendship blossoms among on-board companions / and curiosity is fed;/ from place to place, on our long and pleasing journey / on the cheap we sail...]

In ancient times the Brenta canal used to be the main waterway linking Padua and Venice and every day the Burchiello, the original barge at times also pulled by horses along the banks, was the main means of transport for local residents.
Nowadays, visitors can relax in the nice and warm Italian weather from April to October and enjoy the natural beauty of the Venetian mainland and its cultural heritage while sailing along the river.


Different companies run 1-day-long cruises setting off from Padua to Venice and vice versa on alternate days. Slowly, the boats sail along the river and follow the natural rhythm of the waves.
Along the route they pass through several locks and bridges, which still need to be lifted manually.
The ports of call of the cruise are the major Venetian villas where visitors can take advantage of guided tours to discover the treasures of the Venetian nobility.
Sometimes lunch is served on-board or at selected restaurants.

Details and timetables will be made available on occasion. Lunch not included. Tickets to villas included. Multilingual guide. The special package is available from March to October.