Festa del Redentore 2012

14th July 2012

The Festa del Redentore or Feast of the Redeemer is an important event for the Venetians and one of the city’s most traditional festivities. It is also quite ancient, dating back to 1577 when Venice was freed from the plague.

At that time the Doge commissioned Andrea Palladio to build a church dedicated to Cristo Redentore (Christ the Redeemer) on the Island of Giudecca.

The event is held each year on the third Saturday in July when a floating bridge of barges is set up connecting Giudecca to the rest of Venice.



In the early afternoon all sorts of brightly-painted vessels, boats and gondolas start flocking into St. Mark’s Bay and the Giudecca Canal. Families, friends, spectators celebrate together, eating, drinking dancing and singing until the the fireworks begin at 11.30 and then enjoy the breathtaking 40-minute show.

An incredible night you won’t forget…