Marostica : Partita a scacchi a personaggi viventi




Famous folk show with an historical setting which takes place on the second weekend of September of the even years.

An amazing choreography with colours and costumes of the XV century: more than 500 among ladies and knights, gentlemen and guardians of the castle, throwers and fire-eater to live again the spell of long time ago, a time made of cruel challenges but also of respectful chivalry and elegance.

The traditional recollection seems to be born from a story about two competitors and the beautiful Lionora, the castle owner’s daughter: the competitors wanted to challenge each other in a duel in order to decide who would have been the winner; but the Serenissima Republic laws forbidden it and the castle’s owner did not want to antagonize anybody.

It was wisely decided to make the challenge less bloody and the second Sunday of September of that distant 1454 the “duel” began with a “partita del nobil ziogo de li scacchi”.

The winner could marry the young bride.

The match takes place, every even year, at Marostica’s place, paved as a chessboard and ready to enliven itself for this spectacular and singular duel.

Show dates: second weekend of September in the even years.
Info and reservations: Associazione Pro Marostica c/o Castello Inferiore.
Tel. +39 0424 72127 – 470995 – Fax +39 0424 / 72800
Comune di Marostica – Ufficio Turismo tel. 0424 / 479128