Riviera del Brenta a lume di candela 1

When it comes to Halloween, mind often goes to the Anglo-Saxon countries: children who roam the streets, ringing doorbells in the neighborhood and saying the phrase famous throughout the world : ” Trick or treat?”

Despite what many people believe, even in Italy there was a tradition that concerned the eve of All Saints, with festivals and rituals of protection.
Over time, this tradition has been lost. Halloween , however, despite being a party that inspires a feeling of love / hate relationship between Italians, helped to bring out that ancient side, maybe a little pagan too, which we had so well buried within us. On the other hand, with all monuments, castles, villas in Italy, why do we have to mis that… thrilling side?
This is the purpose of the initiative promoted by Riviera del Brenta for Halloween. The “Riviera candlelight” give a voice to the dark side Italian culture. And to do that, Riviera has all the credentials.

What better way, in fact, of a path made of tastings and evening visits between villas of the eighteenth century, to celebrate Halloween ?

Lovers of this event must not miss this event ! In particular, the visit to Villa Contarini Venier, in Mira, during All Saints Day , which will present an evening themed Dante’s poems, with the accompaniment of live music and evocative theatrical scenes inspired by the verses of the great poet Dante Alighieri. With a final presented by a special guest…
Another villa that is certainly the pleasure of a visit is Villa Valier, always in Mira . Here there will be a spirit to guide you through the most beautiful places of this wonderful place, and tell you his darker facts… on the other hand, is not Halloween?
There is also Villa Foscarini – Rossi in Stra , which will take Halloween with a little more fun, while keeping in vogue the theme of surreal characteristic of the eve of All Saints. Get ready to be part of a traveling show through the maze path from Alice in Wonderland ! An experience that you will find unforgettable!
All this and more, accompanied by lighting and tasting typical of Halloween and our beautiful area.

For more information, please contact the reception of our hotel . Which, as you may have noticed , is an ancient Venetian villa … and who knows … maybe even Villa Gasparini has a guest!
Villa Gasparini a lume di candela