Riviera del Brenta

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Hotel Villa Gasparini: natural landscapes between Padua and Venice

The Hotel Villa Gasparini is a venetian villa located in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta, near Venice and near Padua, just a few kilometers away (approximately 15), on the main road connecting the two cities (SS11).

Riviera del Brenta

An ideal scenery for the old Venetian nobles and a perfect holiday destination to escape from the urban chaos, the Riviera del Brenta still represents a green heart on the outskirts of Venice and Padua: parks, fields, gardens and orchards alternate as an embellishment for villas, farms and houses. It has been a desired holiday place for centuries, it is the ideal solution for those who don’t love the confusion or the urban oppressive heat of the nearby cities of Venice and Padua.

Riviera del Brenta is the right place for who loves nature, art, history, harmony and comfort.
Walking around the pedestrian area in the centre of Dolo is both pleasant and romantic, with many typical restaurants along the Brenta river bank. –

Dolo is a typical and welcoming town along the Riviera del Brenta and the ideal point of departure to visit the surrounding area, rich in historic spots and beautiful landscapes, and well-known for its food and wines.

Padua and Venice: reaching them by public transportation is so easy!

From the Terminal Fusina, a few kilometres from the hotel, get to San Marco-Zattere by boat: in about 20 minutes by boat through the Venetian lagoon and its channels. Unforgettable water seductions for the price of a public service.
The hotel is well-connected by public transport to the Piazzale Roma terminal in Venice and the Piazzale Boschetti terminal in Padua (both trips take about 30 minutes).
The stop is 20 meters from the hotel and buses run approximately every 20 minutes, saving tourists the hassle of driving in unknown areas.
The bus terminals are the ideal starting point for a visit of both Venice and Padua.
All you need is stamina, resistance and a lot of curiosity: everything is within reach both from Piazzale Roma and Piazzale Boschetti, mostly by foot.

about 30 minutes by bus or car you get to the center of Padua.
Or in about 30 minutes by bus or car to get to Venice (Piazzale Roma).