Non un aperitivo ma l'aperitivo: lo Spritz!




It’s the most popular drink in the Triveneto area and the cities of Venice, Padua and Treviso have been celebrating with this traditional aperitif for over a century.
Spritz, spriss and also sprisseto…more than just a cocktail, is a real ritual for both the young and the old enjoying a break between work and dinnertime.

But what is it, exactly?

There isn’t a single recipe, the ingredients can slightly change from province to province, from town to town, and also from barman to barman. In the time of the Habsburg rule in Northern Italy, the original formula was that of a glass of white wine diluted with a bit of water. However, it didn’t take long for the wine to be mixed with liquors and bitters, like Aperol, Campari and Select, which all shared a red nuance.

Now Spritz is made of white wine (Prosecco wine in Veneto), sparkling water or soda water, Aperol (or other liquors), ice, a slice of lemon or orange, and an olive. During the Spritz hour some rich, delicious appetizers are served, mainly typical products like cheese, sliced cold meat, grilled vegetables and fish.

Have your first Spritz at the hotel and then go pub-crawling at the local wine bars bacari and osterie – and trattorias where you can experience the great wine tradition of the Veneto with sprisseti, ombrette (glasses of wine) and cicchetti (small snacks).