Picnic nel parco: il lunch trendy secondo il tuo stile


The word picnic comes from the French verb “piqueniquer”, that means eating in the openair; more precisely, the word “piquer” means to peanch and “nique” means things of little account.

Together with the arrival of the good weather, the wish of staying in the openair arrives too and you dream of nature essences, of flavour of cut grass, of sounds of insect wings, of chirping, that reminds you summertime.

Plaid, chequered tablecloth, flavours and tastes, a char with friends, a book you finally succeed in reading, under a centuries-old oak, barefoot, in strict contact with the green grass, the hair ruffled by the wind.

But… If you want your picnic to be perfect, beyond good weather and tasty food it is also important to find the perfect location and the style suiting at best your needs…

What about a great picnic in classical style?


Or with packaged lunch, in “British style”, as if you were in the English fields?

Or according to the coolest trend of newyorker garden parties?

It is again about the same simple recipe: relaxing in the openair with a frugal lunch and then let your fantasy transport you inside of a Jane Austen’s romance or at Stella MacCartney’s presentaation of the Spring Collection 2013.

The ingredients for your picnic in the most bautiful (private) garden in the Rivera del Brenta are very simple:picnic hamper, soft cover or a little table, some cushions and some deckchairs.

Be cool, be simply yourself!
Picnic for two people and room € 150,00