(English) Venice Boat Tour: the Canal Grande



The Grand Canal is the most spectacular waterway in the world. Your guide will tell you about the history of Venice ancient palaces and their famous owners.
You will learn about the different architecture styles of the beautiful buildings overlooking the canal and you will also have the chance to discover the unknown Venice: definitely an off-the-beaten track experience.
Relax with a Bellini (the now world-famous drink created at the Harry’s bar) in your hand while you listen to the enchanting legends of the city and stroll along the canals by boat.

The tour must be booked well in advance.

Our special package:
overnight accommodation and breakfast at the Hotel Villa Gasparini for 2 people
water taxi private tour (English speaking guide included)

60-minute tour
Min. 5 people
Max. 8 people

€ 164,00