Venezia Capodanno 2013: dalla Riviera del Brenta a San Marco




Venice New Year’s Eve 2013: romantic and exclusive from the Riviera del Brenta to San Marco with the shuttle boat!

Venice, the city of love, is waiting for you in order to celebrate the colective farewell to 2012 with love in the most famous “living room” in the world, among kisses, toasts, fireworks, future hopes and renewed promises.

This year, staying nearby Venice, at Riviera del Brenta and in an historic dwelling place such as Villa Gasparini can definitely be a brilliant idea!

A chauffeur will take you from the hotel to Terminal Fusina – few kilometres far from here -, and at 7, 8 and 10 p.m. a boat will leave bound for Zattere.

After twenty minutes of navigation through the venetian lagoon, accompanied by the brackish scent which announces Venice, la sposa del mar, you will arrive near San Marco’s place.

At 1.30 a.m., after all the celebrations, from the same landing stage, you can come back by boat to Terminal Fusina.

A really exclusive trip for a cheap price!
Euros 15,00 each for the private shuttle service, round-trip ticket (Hotel – Terminal Fusina and back)

Euros 13,00 each for the shuttle boat, round-trip ticket (Terminal Fusina – Venice and back)

A kind of transport which is actually a party!

Let’s book at Hotel Villa Gasparini 2 nights-stay, shuttle and boat.

From 239,00 Euros