Venice Mask against the sight of bridge

Venice Mask against the sight of bridge

Venice is famous for what? For the gondolas, San Marco, Carnival and its masks
But where are the Venetian masks so famous?

We know that they were used to maintain the anonymity of pranks and intrigues. But Venetian masks have never been something anonymous, indeed!
There are various types of mask, each with its own function.
Let’s see some.

A Golden Bauta in Venice

A Golden Bauta in Venice


The Bauta is one of the most authentic Venetian masks, and it is accompanied by a certain type of clothing: the white mask, called “larva”, should be worn in combination with a black veil, a cloak of the same color, said Tabarro, and to a dark color tricorn. It was the best mask used to keep the identity hidden.
A little curiosity: the married women who went to the theater were obliged to wear it, while for the girls looking for a husband was forbidden.


Mask worn by playful women, it represent a poor and sick man. The women were accustomed to wear wandering the streets supported by hangers, as if they were not able to walk, and dressed like indigent.


It has a very particular appearance: in some cases it is a mask with feminine features, in some other looks even feline. For the most part it was worn by men, along with clothing and typically inhabit female and a big pair of wooden clogs. In ancient times, the man who wore it carried on his shoulders, in a wicker basket, a young man, smiling and oblivious to the fatigue of the poor “woman”! If the mask was featured cats, inside the basket there was … a kitten!

The beautiful venetian clown

The beautiful venetian clown


It’s a clown in white and short dress, always cheerful and prankster. His favorite joke was pulling eggs filled with perfumes to friends, acquaintances and girls who committed the imprudence to appear on the balconies to its passage.


The Moretta is a mask of French origin. Initially covered in black velvet, was used by the French ladies to visit the nuns. Caught on very quickly in the Serenissima, as they made more beautiful and mysterious the female faces.
It should be worn with wide-brimmed hats decorated with veils.

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Spending the most romantic weekend of the year, Valentine’s Day 2014, between Venice and the Riviera del Brenta is like living a dream!
It will bring luck to the just born love and it will frame the new or renewed promises of love.


Unforgettable Venice.

Gondola by the book of love for the traditionalists.
Walking through the maze of streets and squares for young romantics:
Lost among the districts known as Cannaregio and Castello, tasting some dishes done the old fashioned way, as did my grandmother Josephine, said Pina, an Osteria found by accident, if you do not like clichés, like us.

Our theme proposals:
-two nights in a deluxe double room with jacuzzi
-candlelight jacuzzi
-romantic breakfast served in the room
-aphrodisiac drink “bubbles and strawberries”
-boat tickets from Fusina to Venice and back
-Gondola ride in Venice (gondola max 6 people)

€ 179,00 per person

Burano Island

Burano Island

Burano, the island of colors and the legend of lace

Legend tells that the lace of Burano is born by the promise of eternal love.
It is said that a fisherman has given in to the temptation of the sirens because of the love he felt for his future bride. The mermaids, to reward him, gave him a lace made ​​with the foam of the sea. The wife of the fisherman was able to reproduce it, and that was how the lace spread until today.

Our theme proposals :
-two nights in a deluxe double room with jacuzzi
-candlelight jacuzzi
-romantic breakfast served in the room
-aphrodisiac drink “bubbles and strawberries”
-boat tickets from Fusina to Venice and back
-Tickets for the guided tour by boat to the islands of Venice : Murano, Burano and Torcello.
-Departure from Piazza San Marco

€ 169,00 per person

riviera del brenta hotel

Riviera del Brenta : Villa Pisani and the maze of love

In the heart of the Riviera del Brenta stands Villa Pisani, a sort of a small palace of Versailles.
It was the Doge Alvise Pisani who had it built on the model of the French palace.
You can visit both the interior and the park with its maze of love, well described in the Fire of D’Annunzio, and the scene of lovemaking for the Venetian nobles: a masked damsel was standing in the turret waiting for her suitor to join her.
It could be a perfect backdrop for a promise of marriage, as long as you reach your lady in the tower. A proof of love .

Our theme proposals :
-two nights in a deluxe double room with jacuzzi
-candlelight jacuzzi
-romantic breakfast served in the room
-aphrodisiac drink bubbles and strawberries
-entrance tickets to Villa Pisani

€ 149,00 per person

Love stories to tell your children and grandchildren, one day…

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Venetian mask

Venetian mask

The Carnival of Venice 2014 will be an amazing time and, therefore, very intense and out of ordinary!

The program is full of shows at the Grand Theatre of Piazza San Marco, with distinction between the lodges and the parterre.
From there, you will be able to attend the election of the most beautiful handmade mask, the Flight of the Angel, the performances of acrobats, musicians, dancers, singers and actors.
The experience of the Grand Theatre becomes very special booking the heated lodges, where you will enjoy an excellent view, and where you will also be given the opportunity, if you’d like, to taste the cuisine of the Veneto through the specially designed menus for the Carnival.
If you love walking and feeling the misterious atmosphere of the ancient cities, there is also the opportunity to listen to the stories told by the codega, which were the servants who accompanied their masters around the city, entertaining them with curious stories.
This will be the traveling show that will lead you in the labyrinth of streets and canals all around Venice, you can speak directly with various famous personalities coming from the past and know the venetian deep mysteries and legends, collected over the years from a famous author: Alberto Toso Fei.

Venetian flowered masks

Venetian flowered masks

Here’s to you what our hotel, Villa Gasparini, provides for the carnival period:

Its name derives precisely from Pulcinella, a Neapolitan mask widely used in commedia dell’arte. It was a very silly and chatty servant.

The package includes:
two nights accommodation in a classic double room
buffet breakfast
and two entrances to the parterre of the Grand Theatre
Chiacchiere tasting (the translation of chit – chats in italian is chiacchiere the name of this Carnival sweet)

€ 149,00 per person

Pantalone represents a Venetian merchant, and also a bit stingy and lustful, always accompanied by a servant, which often arise from comical contrasts.
For trying your personal codega and the comical contrasts!

The package includes:
two nights accommodation in a superior double room
buffet breakfast
two tickets for the traveling show with the codega

€ 159.00 per person

Colombina is a beautiful servant of Pantalone, often threatened by him.
Arlecchino was a very clever charlatan, in love with Colombina.
Live a romantic stay during the Carnival of Venice just as Colombina& Arlecchino!

The package includes:
Two nights in a deluxe double room with jacuzzi
candlelight jacuzzi with rose petals
romantic breakfast served in the room
an entrance for two to the Grand Theatre side lodge (heated, for 6 people),
a lunch or dinner at the Grand Theatre in lodge, and access to the evening shows

€ 359.00 per person

Venetian mask

Venetian mask

By frequent bus or by cheap train from Villa Gasparini to Venice, at the front desk you’ll be given timetables and maps.
For those who want to get to Venice without going to the crowded terminals of “Venezia -S. Lucia” and Piazzale Roma, there is a great opportunity: you can directly reach St. Mark’s Square by boat in 20 minutes, which will start from the port of Fusina, 8 kms far from Villa Gasparini.
The cost of the boat is € 13 return per couple.
We can provide also, upon reservation, the Villa Gasparini private shuttle service: a driver will take you to the Terminal Fusina, and back. All at € 100 per couple, including tickets for the boat.

For information and reservations, please contact the hotel Villa Gasparini.

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15th February – 04th March 4, 2014

Venice Carnival - mask against the bridge of sight

Venice Carnival – mask against the bridge of sight

The Carnival of Venice is the most famous Carnival in the world, with the typical elegant Venetian masks , which give people a mysterious look .
This festival is something magical in the collective imagination .
And this year, just as in the past, we can say that the magic will be one of its most essential component.
With the upcoming Carnival, in fact, the the theme is fairy tales, especially those who speak of nature.
A magical theme, old, but at the same time, very current.

You will see, then, masks of all kinds, about the legends of the forests, the rivers, the valleys, the animals, legends from all over the world: from the East to the West
The spirit of an ancient Venice, opened to world wide cultural influences, that have contributed to the greatness of this city!

All with the addition of a great new feature: the first parade of handcrafted masks!
Anyone with an original idea for a mask can participate with their hand-made masks!

The heart of this party will be in the shows at the Gran Teatro of Venice, where all the performances that make the Carnival of Venice so famous will take place: it will be in this theater, built for this occasion, in Piazza San Marco.
Here you can enjoy all the shows and representations from the Parade of Handmade Masks, the Angel’s Flight , the Parade of Marie…
But where does the idea of ​​the Grand Theatre in Venice start?
Since 1500 until the end of the Republic of Venice (1797), Carnival and Theatre season coincided.
So it was decided to combine the two, offering performances of all kinds.
Anyone who wants can feel the joyful atmosphere that reigned at the time, admiring traditional and contemporary performances of acrobats, actors and musicians.
A show not to be missed!

Mask in Venice

Mask in Venice

Carnival is a time of year out of the ordinary, then you will be given the opportunity to see the extraordinary side of Venice, thanks to a traveling show held by the Theatre Company Pantakin.
You can also see the curious and mysterious side of Venice, thanks to the stories of the mystery written by Alberto Toso Fei. This kind of traveling show has its roots in the fifteenth century, when the noble Venetians were accompanied by a servant fitted with lantern, called ” Codega”, who entertained them by telling stories of all kinds over the city, from the devil that came out from a palace. to the specter of the Levantine.
During this walk, you will meet people of all kinds… even Giacomo Casanova!

You can also try the Venetian cuisine typical of the carnival period. You will understand why the actual Carnival week is called ” fat week”.
As you know, the Carnival fell, and falls, in the period preceding Lent. As a result, during the week prior to Ash Wednesday, people would literally gorging on fatty food in preparation for the long Lenten fast. In some cases they fried food in lard. Venice will give you the chance to eat typical Carnival food like: pork, mostly meats, wine and “fritoe and galani” ( typical cakes).
Just simply walk into an osteria and ask for a tasting or cichetto.

Are you ready to live your personally Carnival of Venice 2014 fairytale?

Carnival of Venice 2014 Programme


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Torrone Scaldaferro

Close to Villa Gasparini, Riviera del Brenta , Venice, just a few hundred meters far, it is located the
Torrone Factory.

The most famous and well-known in Italy and also abroad : The Torrone Factory Scaldaferro .

It has a long family tradition: in 1919 the first production with its founder Marco Scaldaferro.

The torrone t is a typical venetian Christmas sweet , it consists of slightly roasted almonds with a mixture of honey, sugar and whitesbeaten stiff to create a white creamy and soft dough to cook on a slow heat.
jacuzzi.jpg”>Minisuite con jacuzzi Minisuite con jacuzzi[/caption]

Hotel Villa Gasparini suggests you a Christmas package valid during December until Epiphany :

1 night with breakfast ,

Scaldaferro Torrone bag with a Torrone limited edition, made with venetian lagoon wild honey (salted) a and a Torrone a Gondoeta ( small Gondola )

appointment to 5.00 pm for a green tea and biscuits Scaldaferro

Tour at the Torronificio Scaldaferro

Prices starting from Euro 129,00 per couple

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Villa Valier

Imagine being the rich Lords of the eighteenth-century in Venice.
Imagine being not only the owners of elegant palaces in Venice, but also of luxurious villas in the Venetian countryside.
Imagine you can spend New Year’s Evewith elegance and dance alla night

And if I told you that this fantasy can become reality?

This year, on the occasion of New Year 2014, there is the chance to spend the last day of the year in an authentic Venetian villa: villa Valier in Mira, Venice.You can enjoy a gala dinner in one of the rooms on the ground floor, with the dishes of the Doges.

A dream can become truth with a gala dinner, music, dance and late night snacks.
The Hotel Villa Gasparini proposes a two-night stay at Villa Gasparini and New Year’s Eve dinner at the Villa Valier from Euro 460.00 per couple.

Reservation in advance is appreciated.

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