15th February – 04th March 4, 2014

Venice Carnival - mask against the bridge of sight

Venice Carnival – mask against the bridge of sight

The Carnival of Venice is the most famous Carnival in the world, with the typical elegant Venetian masks , which give people a mysterious look .
This festival is something magical in the collective imagination .
And this year, just as in the past, we can say that the magic will be one of its most essential component.
With the upcoming Carnival, in fact, the the theme is fairy tales, especially those who speak of nature.
A magical theme, old, but at the same time, very current.

You will see, then, masks of all kinds, about the legends of the forests, the rivers, the valleys, the animals, legends from all over the world: from the East to the West
The spirit of an ancient Venice, opened to world wide cultural influences, that have contributed to the greatness of this city!

All with the addition of a great new feature: the first parade of handcrafted masks!
Anyone with an original idea for a mask can participate with their hand-made masks!

The heart of this party will be in the shows at the Gran Teatro of Venice, where all the performances that make the Carnival of Venice so famous will take place: it will be in this theater, built for this occasion, in Piazza San Marco.
Here you can enjoy all the shows and representations from the Parade of Handmade Masks, the Angel’s Flight , the Parade of Marie…
But where does the idea of ​​the Grand Theatre in Venice start?
Since 1500 until the end of the Republic of Venice (1797), Carnival and Theatre season coincided.
So it was decided to combine the two, offering performances of all kinds.
Anyone who wants can feel the joyful atmosphere that reigned at the time, admiring traditional and contemporary performances of acrobats, actors and musicians.
A show not to be missed!

Mask in Venice

Mask in Venice

Carnival is a time of year out of the ordinary, then you will be given the opportunity to see the extraordinary side of Venice, thanks to a traveling show held by the Theatre Company Pantakin.
You can also see the curious and mysterious side of Venice, thanks to the stories of the mystery written by Alberto Toso Fei. This kind of traveling show has its roots in the fifteenth century, when the noble Venetians were accompanied by a servant fitted with lantern, called  » Codega », who entertained them by telling stories of all kinds over the city, from the devil that came out from a palace. to the specter of the Levantine.
During this walk, you will meet people of all kinds… even Giacomo Casanova!

You can also try the Venetian cuisine typical of the carnival period. You will understand why the actual Carnival week is called  » fat week ».
As you know, the Carnival fell, and falls, in the period preceding Lent. As a result, during the week prior to Ash Wednesday, people would literally gorging on fatty food in preparation for the long Lenten fast. In some cases they fried food in lard. Venice will give you the chance to eat typical Carnival food like: pork, mostly meats, wine and « fritoe and galani » ( typical cakes).
Just simply walk into an osteria and ask for a tasting or cichetto.

Are you ready to live your personally Carnival of Venice 2014 fairytale?

Carnival of Venice 2014 Programme