The day when the tornado struck.

July 8th 2015

The day that changed everything.

In the late afternoon, an EF4 tornado with winds of 300 km/h struck this area, wreaking havoc and, unfortunately, also killing people, luckily to a lesser extent than what might have actually happened.
Its winds from north-west to south-east left dozens of families homeless and brought many companies to their knees, before dissolving into the sea, touching even Venice.
It was the most violent event of its kind in the history of Italy, an extremely rare, unexpected event and therefore, even more shocking and upsetting.
The video will show you our hotel in the background immediately after the tornado.

Our hotel…

The wind’s destructive violence ripped the roof off, slipped into the building from top to bottom and crumbled, broke, demolished everything before it literally exploded on the ground floor.
By a series of coincidences, none of the few guests there (the majority was fortunately in Venice or far away) was injured but, when the danger was over, a distressing picture of devastation and ruin was before our eyes.
Our hotel and the surrounding area appeared raped, ghostly, almost unrecognizable, like a war zone after a bombing.

After the shock, an entire community started to work.

After securing the building, we started to work with the invaluable aid of friends, acquaintances and even perfect strangers that helped voluntarily.
For days we removed the rubble, amid the dust and pieces of plaster, under the relentless sun of July. But it was not only us: hundreds of people in all towns affected by the tornado started to help out and do what they could. There is always an upside in human affairs, even in the saddest. This is definitely one of them.

The arrival of dragonflies: the rebirth

The hotel, like us, has changed ‘inside’.

A couple of unexpected guests, with no bags and dressed in iridescent light clothing.

A couple of days after the tornado, a couple of dragonflies appeared flitting around and, from time to time, alighted on a devastated plant or on a dirt-covered windowsill.
They made us company for almost a week.
Their extended ‘stay’ intrigued me to such an extent that I started doing research on this amazing insect. That’s how I discovered that the dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change.
The ‘coincidence’ with what we were experiencing particularly struck me and my research gained more momentum. As I learnt more about the subject, I understood unexpected aspects about dragonfly symbolism. It is known that both its wings and body are iridescent and show different
colours depending on the angle and polarization of the light that falls on them.
You can interpret it as an incentive to put an end to your illusions in favour of a clear and authentic idea of life, such as the discovery and acceptance of your true self, and leave any doubt about your own sense of identity behind.
And in that moment the significance of change as self-realization was crystal clear to me – the kind of change that stems from reaching mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life.

The hotel is new ‘inside’

Change is real and beneficial if it happens first of all ‘inside’ and then outside.
We tried to interpret this concept literally: in the long winter months we imagined, sketched,
designed and eventually made, piece by piece, the hotel’s makeover.
The result is what you see on this website.
What was a classic Venetian villa until last summer, a historic building that faithfully respected
tradition is today a container of as many different worlds as are the identities that I feel inside me.
None of us is a monolith and not a single definition or label can represent what we are because life is about constant change, renewal and a more or less pleasant discovery of ourselves.
When you cross the threshold of the reception and open the doors of any room, I hope you can
recognize yourself, find something about yourself in the classical and passionate style, in the exotic, modern, ‘stylish’ or – why not? – also in the spiritual one, and recognize an overall creative vision that combines opposites and duality, displaying the complementarity of elements.
In conclusion, the new look of the hotel symbolizes my personal renewal, or rather, how I wish to show myself.
It is the tangible representation of a new awareness, what I may not have achieved without the tornado and, above all, without the dragonflies.
“A blessing in disguise”

Michela Pegorer

Michela Pegorer